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No fluff. No “fake it till you make it”. No spamming.

Content that resonates with your audience

With Google constantly raising the bar, and readers being pickier by the day, curating a blog is more demanding than ever.

I always say, writing good content is like making a lemonade – one extra squeeze of lemon and it tastes sour; but one spoonful of sugar too many and it’s too sweet. You need to find the right ratio of SEO and storytelling to please your audience.

Luckily, I have the perfect recipe.

Social media that's not about vanity numbers

If you’re like me, studying algebra in school must have pushed you on the brink of madness. Well, figuring out the social media algorithm can feel exactly the same way.

So instead of pulling your hair out trying to make sense of it, why don’t you focus on what you love doing for your business and leave it to me to crack the sadistic algorithm?

I have a thick skin not even Zuckerberg can scratch.

Visuals that tell the story of your brand

No matter what these self-proclaimed marketing gurus tell you, free stock images are just not sexy! Chances are, your target audience has already seen them at least a dozen times before.

Show them the true colors of your brand! Not by taking a blurry photo with your phone camera and burying it under 3 layers of filters. But by hiring my aesthetics-hungry eye and Canon.

Just don’t make me retouch your portraits to turn you into Beyoncé.

Why not work with me?

Philokalist is not an agency, it’s a one-woman show directed and played by me – Claudia Nikolova.

I haven’t won any awards and you won’t find me on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list – I prefer spending my money elsewhere. Speaking of money, I don’t have any fancy certificates either.

If you’re looking for a Marketing Guru, that’s definitely not me. In fact, I don’t know any secrets to success and I don’t earn 6 figures a month while traveling the world.

I won’t be selling you any eBooks, courses or voodoo magic. If you want to take my measurements or pick my brain, you can book a call whenever you want.

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